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Research, Publication, Education

The Clinical Research Department at Buena Park Heart Center was created in 2021, with a focus on Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP).  To this end, the department is currently engaged in a number of projects aimed at broadening knowledge of EECP within the scientific and lay communities alike, with the final goal of increasing awareness and application of the treatment, which presently remains underutilized.   


Harnessing the latest developments in medical science to benefit our patients 

Our dedicated Clinical Research Department arms our providers with the latest breakthroughs in long COVID treatment, from which they are able to build robust treatment programs specific to each patient's individual needs.  


Our keen attention to emergent long COVID data and unmatched knowledge of EECP therapy combine to create a uniquely effective and always up-to-date program.

Effects of Enhanced External Counterpulsation on Quality of Life in Stable Angina Pectoris Patients: A One Year Retrospective  

Clinical Trial

A Buena Park Heart Center study focused on gauging the long-term effects of EECP on quality of life (QoL) in patients with stable angina pectoris.   The Seattle Angina Questionnaire 7 (SAQ-7) is employed to measure changes in QoL over baseline, measured immediately post EECP therapy, 6 months after therapy, and year after the therapy.     

2021 - Present (In Progress)

Enhanced External Counterpulsation: A Unique Treatment for the "No-Option" Refractory Angina Patient

Jose Caceres MD, Patricia Atal MD, Rohit Arora MD, Derek Yee

Review Article

A study that demonstrates, by way of literature review, the efficacy of EECP as a treatment modality for the relief of refractory angina and improvement in quality of life in CAD patients.

Projects & Publications

A selection of past and present projects from the Clinical Research Department of Buena Park Heart Center

Enhanced External Counterpulsation: Perceived Mechanism(s) of Action: Past and Present

Jose Caceres MD, Andrew Awadallah, Derek Yee

Review Article

This article provides a comprehensive summary of the perceived mechanism(s) of action of EECP that have  emerged from decades of research into the safety and efficacy of the treatment.  Four eras of research into counterpulsation are explored, and the dominant theories as to how the benefits of EECP are derived are clearly detailed.


Role of Enhanced External Counterpulsation in the
Treatment of Non-cardiovascular Conditions

Jose Caceres MD, Clara Cabral, Derek Yee

Review Article

EECP is most commonly employed as a treatment modality for stable angina pectoris; however the therapy has proven clinically effective in the treatment of a number of non-cardiovascular conditions as well.  This article explores the efficacy of EECP in the treatment of such conditions, including long COVID.



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