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EECP NOW Newsletter

EECP NOW is Buena Park Heart Center's triannual print and digital publication dedicated to exploring the many facets of Enhanced External Counterpulsation therapy.  To be kept abreast of the latest EECP-related news around the globe, as well as current and future projects at Buena Park Heart center, please consider subscribing to our digital newsletter.  


Issue #1

In this inaugural issue, we take a look at the history of EECP therapy, cite the treatment's popularity around the world, and review a groundbreaking EECP textbook by one of the leading experts in the field.  Also included is an interview with Buena Park Heart Center Medical Director Dr. Joe Caceres, and a glimpse into our latest peer-reviewed EECP article.

EECP NOW 1 Cover.png


Issue #2

This second issue of EECP NOW explores EECP as a multi-purpose treatment.  Medical Direction Dr. Joe Caceres offers a detailed case presentation of a Buena Park Heart patient, and the Clinical Research Team at Buena Park Heart Center is introduced.

EECP NOW 2 Cover.png


Issue #3

In this, our third and final issue of the year, we peer into an exciting new vista, as we examine EECP’s potential to increase physical performance in individuals across all spectrums of health, including elite athletes.  We also look at the potential role the treatment can play in recovery from COVID-19.  Later, we share exciting news from the Buena Park Heart Center Clinical Research Team, and sit down for an interview with one of our EECP therapists, to learn more about his experience administering this dynamic multi-purpose treatment.

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