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Jose Luis Jimenez, A.C.

Assistant Clinician


Dr. Jimenez earned his degree as a Doctor of Medicine (Diploma of Doctor of Medicine) on July 3, 1979 from the University of Havana in Cuba. He has a degree comparable to the U.S. Doctor of Medicine (IERF #S11-00733/icr Equivalency Report), dated February 16, 2011.

Dr. Jimenez did his residency in Internal Medicine, and holds a Diploma as Specialist in Internal Medicine, awarded by the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana on August 20, 1999.  He also completed a fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine at the Joaquin Albarran Hospital in Havana, Cuba.

Dr. Jimenez has a passion for excellence and devotes great attention to his patients.  He holds a number of diplomas and certificates, including Allied Health Care Instructor and BLS Instructor. He is an active member of the CME programs sponsored by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Jose Luis Jimenez has 31 years of experience as a Medical Doctor. Of these, 16 years were spent as an Internal Medicine specialist, and five years as Chief of the Intensive Care Unit.  At CMG, he works as Dr. Caceres’ Assistant Clinician. Dr. Jimenez is fluent in Spanish.



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