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Samantha Ang

Administrator, Certified EECP Therapist, Medical Assistant


Samantha Ang has served as Operations Manager for the EECP Program at Buena Park Heart center since 2016.  She has also served as Chief Administrative Officer of Caceres Medical Group and Buena Park Heart Center since 2020.  She has been a Certified EECP Therapist (CET) since 2010, and is currently studying to be a Registered Nurse.  Samantha is trilingual, communicating comfortably in English, Tagalog, and Spanish.

Ms. Ang's well-established reputation for carrying out workplace excellence while showing genuine care and compassion to both patients and coworkers alike has twice (2018, 2020) earned her the Employee of the Year Award.  Her extensive training in both medical and administrative duties qualifies her to work comfortably and highly competently in both front and back office environments.  In addition to these duties, she is also the Principal Investigator for the Buena Park Heart Center Clinical Research Team,  a group dedicated to publishing academic papers related to EECP, an area in which Ms. Ang has special expertise.  

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